Camp Hope

Camp Hope

Buddies: Selflessly Dedicated

Who Are Our Buddies?

We use the term "Buddies" to describe our caregivers at Camp Hope. Our completely volunteer Buddy staff is made up of high school seniors and college students who selflessly give of their time and talents to serve for the entire five days of Camp. Each Buddy is paired up with and responsible for one and only one camper during the week. Buddies are expected to be selfless, dedicated, compassionate, energetic, open to growth, and FUN.

By caring for each others' needs, participating in daily Camp activities and having fun, and learning from each others' gifts, the Buddy-Camper relationship grows into a friendship that has a lasting impact on both parties. It is this relationship building, accompanied by the Campers and Buddies' mutual growth and love, that defines Camp Hope and makes it so special.

How are Buddies Trained?

Our Buddies undergo an extensive training program that covers the following areas:

•Safety and Security
•Seizure Protocol
•Swimming Protocol
•Adaptive Equipment
•Lifting and Transferring

Interested in being a Camp Hope Buddy?  Click Here