Camp Hope

Camp Hope

Who Are Our Campers?

Camp Hope's primary goal is to serve the needs of children, teenagers, and young adults with developmental disabilities. Thanks to the care of our fantastic buddy staff, we are able to accept campers with a wide range of developmental, physical, and intellectual disabilities. Some of the disabilities experienced by our campers are:

•Down Syndrome
•Cerebral Palsy
•Developmental Delay
•Intellectual Disability
•Chromosome Abnormality
•Cornelia de Lange Syndrome
•Partial Trisomy 13
•Prader-Willi Syndrome
•Visual and hearing impairments


Camper Demographics

Each summer we serve roughly 44 campers (22 at each session) between the ages of 11-30. Currently, most of our campers reside in the Chicago-land area. However, we will are happy to accommodate campers from other areas of Illinois and the United States.

One-on-one Care:


Camp Hope offers one-on-one care for each and every camper. Buddies are trained to assist campers as needed, sometimes with toileting, diapers, feeding, changing and any daily living needs. We also have a full-time nurse who distributes medications and provides medical attention when required.


Many of our campers have special dietary needs, such as lactose, gluten, or dairy allergies. Our kitchen staff is happy to prepare special meals and snacks when diet is restricted for medical reasons.